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Stuttering Among Children: What Can You Do?


Stuttering is the involuntary disruption, repetition, or prolongation of vocal sounds, and it is considered one of the most common speech disorders among children. And yes, stuttering can also occur to adults, especially when not corrected during their younger years. While it is a condition that is deemed incurable, it can, however, be controlled with adequate nursing and therapy.

Is your child having trouble speaking or is oftentimes stuttering? If so, here are things that you can do to help:

  • Ease their nerves.
    Nervousness is one of the main causes and triggers of stuttering. So before they speak, help them ease their nerves by reassuring them or encouraging them to do breathing exercises. Doing so can ease the tension they feel that may be causing stuttering.
  • Talk slower.
    Using a slower rate of speech can be more calming to your child. It also encourages them to talk slower and shows them that it is okay to take their time to verbalize their thoughts or opinions through speaking.
  • Let them engage in speech therapy.
    Speech therapy is one of the most reliable and effective ways to help your child overcome stuttering. It consists of exercises, procedures, and interventions that will help your child gain control over their speech and will even help improve their communication skills.

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