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How Your Child Can Benefit from Speech Therapy


When we think of speech therapy, we often associate it as the avenue to help teach children how to pronounce their speech sounds correctly. However, speech therapy goes beyond just teaching children speak. This specialized therapy not only assists with developing communication skills but also with brain development.

As a trusted provider of nursing services in Texas, we will discuss how your child can benefit from speech therapy:

  • Developed Social Skills
    Speech therapy can support children’s social skills development. This includes teaching them skills like matching emotions to facial expressions or how to carry on a conversation. Similar to other forms of nursing and therapy, this can promote independence and help children build stronger connections and relationships with others.
  • Enhanced Communication
    At the most basic level, speech therapy can help children learn how to communicate their needs and wants. Speech therapy can also teach non-verbal ways of communication, such as gestures, sign language, and facial expressions. Since we depend on communication to navigate the world, building children’s communication skills can open up many doors for continued growth.
  • Improved Cognitive Development
    Similar to private duty nursing, speech therapy can aid in children’s development. With speech therapy, children expand their vocabularies and problem-solving skills. This shapes their cognitive development and reasoning skills.

FIRST STEPS Nursing and Therapy is your go-to provider of healthcare services in Converse, Texas. Among our wide range of services, we offer speech therapy to improve your child’s fluency and assist him or her in developing practical social skills. To learn more about speech therapy and how it can aid in your child’s development, feel free to reach out to us.

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