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How to Encourage Healthy Eating at an Early Age


Proper nutrition for children and growing teens is important. Our nursing and therapy team suggests letting your kids receive their daily essential nutrients through good and healthy food for them to develop holistically.

FIRST STEPS Nursing and Therapy, a provider of healthcare services in Converse, Texas, would like to share some tips on how you can encourage healthy eating at an early age.

  • The whole family should always eat together

    Nothing beats the sense of love and comfort around the dinner table. Introduce your kids to the importance of eating meals together on a regular schedule. Did you know that regular family meals encourage kids to eat more fruits and veggies, are unlikely to snack on unhealthy foods, as well as less likely to smoke and drink alcohol?

  • Fill the pantry with healthy foods

    Of course, make sure that your kids see that your home offers healthy foods. Kids, especially younger ones, often eat what’s only available at home. Follow the basic guidelines and stock up on:

    • Fruits and vegetables
    • Healthy snacks, such as yogurt, cheese, granola bars, whole-grain crackers, and more.
    • Serve lean meats and protein
    • Limit fat intake
    • Choose whole-grain food
    • Limit sugary drinks
  • Be their role model

    Kids mimic what they see around them, including eating habits. Teaching them about not overindulging is also a good idea.

  • Let them help you

    Make family meals a ritual where kids can participate. Our pediatric home healthcare suggests letting them set the table or help you with preparing the food.

We hope these tips from our nursing services in Texas helped you. Healthy eating habits take time to develop. So, make it a family habit to eat healthily and stay active.

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