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Common Symptoms of Child Pneumonia


Pneumonia is often associated with the elderly, but little did we know that it is the leading infectious killer of children globally. Pneumonia is a lung illness that occurs suddenly. It can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungus in the air, and there is no cause. When a kid is infected, his lungs swell with fluid, making breathing harder. Children with undeveloped or weaker immune systems, such as those caused by malnutrition or disorders like HIV, are more susceptible to it.

As a provider of healthcare services in Converse, Texas, here are some of the cases that tend to happen suddenly when your child has pneumonia:

The first signs of viral pneumonia are similar to those of bacterial pneumonia. However, with viral pneumonia, respiratory issues develop gradually. Your child’s cough may worsen and he or she may wheeze. Hiring nursing services in Texas is best to help them fight pneumonia and get the best possible treatment.

Pneumonia symptoms might resemble those of other illnesses. Ensure that your child receives a diagnosis from his or her doctor. FIRST STEPS Nursing and Therapy offers nursing and therapy services, so your child receives gentle care from trained and experienced licensed nurses. Don’t hesitate to contact our lines and let us assist you.

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