Speech Therapy

two little girl readingDid you know that language and speech skills are vital for your child’s social-emotional and cognitive development? With every conversation that you have with your child, you have the opportunity to expand their world, their vocabulary, and you are teaching them to use their words and actions in different ways of communications.

All of these are important in order to communicate properly and it is essential for school performance and adjustment, for socialization, for building relationship, and so much more! So, if you are noticing that your child is currently experiencing some speech impediments, articulation difficulties, or if you notice that they are having difficulty putting words together, swallowing disorders, and some other communication concerns, allow our speech therapy service at First Steps Nursing and Therapy to help.

With the use of different speech therapy techniques, this service of ours aims to:

  • Assist them in developing practical social skills
  • Improve your child’s fluency through breathing exercises
  • Develop coordination of speech muscles with the help of coordination and strengthening exercises. We also make use of sound imitation and repetition
  • Help improve swallowing function for their safety
  • Help improve your child’s ability to express their feelings, thoughts, and ideas
  • Help them achieve school readiness skills

These are just some of the benefits and things we endeavor to accomplish using our speech therapy service at First Steps Nursing and Therapy. Guaranteed, we will make sure to customize and adjust our services to meet your child’s exact needs. With us, you can rest assured that the lives of the future are in good hands. To learn more, call us now at 210-945-0000.